Laura, Tracey, Alyssa and Teresa spoke with online magazine, Mother & Baby

It is not often that an opportunity presents itself for a group of surrogates to collectively share their experiences outside of their support network and surrogate community. So when we were approached by online magazine Mother & Baby to talk about surrogacy in the UK, our team of experienced surrogates were happy to get involved!

What we spoke about

Experienced Brilliant Beginnings surrogates Laura, Tracey, Alyssa and Teresa (T) got together to provide insight into the reality of being a surrogate and completing a family for someone else, along with dispelling some common myths around the topic. 

Relationships with intended parents and personal stories

The team covered everything; from coping with reactions of others and the relationship with intended parents and the babies born, to the benefits of using an agency, injecting their own stories of what these experiences were like for each of them as individuals.

Benefits of working with a surrogacy agency

Everyone had much to say about the benefits of a supported pathway with Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law.

“Brilliant beginnings does a really good job of taking the time to really get to know the surrogate and IP’s so it’s so easy going on both sides.” – Alyssa

We spoke about some of the tricky topics when it comes to surrogacy

The article also sought to tackle some of the more tricky topics. Laura highlighted the importance of understanding which pathway you are on so that the costs can be planned for. She also provided guidance for aspiring surrogates on getting started. T explained about expenses and the much needed changes to surrogacy law.

You can read the full article on Mother & Baby.

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