Being matched with intended parents – A surrogate’s perspective

There are two sides to building a team for a surrogacy journey: the intended parents and the surrogates. Each of those experiences is unique. Here, we want to focus on how it feels for surrogates to be matched with intended parents by Brilliant Beginnings, based on what our surrogates have shared with us.


What does it feel like for a surrogate to be matched with intended parents?

Nerve-wracking, exciting and completely amazing.

These are just some of the ways that surrogates describe being matched with their intended parents. After they’ve met with their intended parents for the first time, they’ve said it’s like ‘meeting your new best friends’.


Matching is the result of careful, supportive screening and preparation for surrogates

The screening and preparation process for surrogates takes time. And it’s time well spent. The Brilliant Beginnings process creates a firm foundation for a surrogate’s journey. Things will not always go to plan and it’s to everyone’s benefit to have worked through all the possible situations and scenarios ahead of time. 

Getting to the point where you are ready to be matched is a big commitment from you and your family to even get to. It’s in depth, highly considered, and can be quite emotional. By the point at which you are matched as a surrogate, you’ll have been through a comprehensive screening process which involves counselling, psychological evaluation, medical records check, and an expenses work up. You’ll also have gotten to know the Brilliant Beginnings Surrogate Managers, who will support you all the way along and beyond. 


Matching is where your journey as a surrogate really feels like it’s beginning

Having explored in depth how you envisage your journey to be, what you want from a relationship with your IPs during and after the pregnancy, your thoughts around if things go wrong and the topic that everyone wants to avoid but is all important: expenses. You will have considered all the ‘what if’s’. And only then are you ready for this journey to actually start. 

It really does lay the foundation for what is to come, in terms of open and honest conversations, and building that new relationship.


Meeting your intended parents for the first time is exciting

The home visit is the last phase of surrogate screening and preparation, when your Client Manager, who will help and support you once you are matched, will take over from the Surrogate Manager. This will also be the time when you will have the all-important first introduction with your intended match. 

This first view of who you might be able to help is super exciting, and for the first time in the whole process it feels like your dream to help others is finally becoming a reality. 


The first match call feels like a blind date

The match call with your intended parents is something entirely different and almost feels a bit like a blind date! There are lots of nerves from both sides but the Brilliant Beginnings team do a great job of putting everyone at ease, and guide that first conversation.

For most there is an instant connection, given the in-depth approach that goes into getting the match right for everyone. The reality that this is the start of something wonderful. It really does light a fire for everyone and from there, everyone can settle into getting to know each other naturally.

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