Meet the team: Alejandra Rodrigues Ramones, legal team

What is your role at Brilliant Beginnings?

I am an assistant paralegal, which means I work primarily with the legal team but also assist the operations team. I enjoy working closely and collaboratively with the whole team.

My work includes keeping track of cases as they progress, and helping with key steps to advance them as they progress, such as drafting documents and liaising with clients to keep them updated.

Since joining in June 2022, I’ve helped on surrogacy cases in the UK, US, Ukraine, Mexico, and Colombia – the latter two of which are emerging surrogacy destinations.

What brought you to work for us?

I’ve always gravitated towards family, medical, equality and diversity within my studies and volunteering.

I studied law at University and some of my favourite modules surrounded child law, medical law and laws pertaining to equality and diversity. Previously, I was always involved in jobs that revolved around organisation and talking to people, in all kinds of situations, from project management and dental surgeries to coffee shops.

As an advocate for accessible information, and knowing the impact it can have building bridges, I volunteered for two years at IPSEA, a charity providing information to children and young people with SEN (special educational needs) about their rights. I was able to advocate and offer tribunal helpline support, which is what blossomed my drive in helping families.

Working for NGA Law and Brilliant Beginnings was then a perfect fit as it brought together so many of my interests: science, family, and law. I love learning about the various ways families are brought together, and the legal and emotional impact of these amazing journeys.

I was surprised to find out how much work we do to push the boundaries for modern families. I have always strived to work in a place that makes a difference, and to be working with a firm that is leading the change (and never sits still) is an honour.

Who are you outside of Brilliant Beginnings?

I grew up in Venezuela, and half of my family is Portuguese, so I’ve been very lucky to learn and be immersed in two languages and two cultures growing up. I moved to the UK for my studies and the rest is history.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, dancing, singing, swimming and even some figure skating too. I love indulging every whim of my dog and cat.

Beyond that, most of my leave is spent then travelling around the world to visit family and friends, or showing them the sights here in London.

By Alejandra Rodrigues Ramones



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