We hosted our first Surrogate Retreat of 2022

As part of our ongoing support for our incredible surrogate community, we recently hosted a surrogate retreat to bring our past present and future surrogates together to share their experiences and take some time for themselves!

This first retreat of 2022 was on Saturday 29th January 2022 and was held online. We were delighted to be joined by ladies from all over the country, as they didn’t have to worry about travelling to a specific venue. Being able to come together and share tips and stories through lived experience can be so helpful to surrogates at any stage of their surrogacy journey.


Prior to the day, the Brilliant Beginnings team sent gift boxes to our surrogates which included a selection of treats to enjoy and pamper themselves with. During the retreat we spent some time decorating and personalising the boxes to be used as a keepsake box for their surrogacy journeys, or anything else that is special to them. We’ve definitely got some really creative ladies in our community! We also took time to talk about our favorite parts of our surrogacy journeys so far and the things we are most looking forward to next.

Quotes from the day

“A realisation of all of the people in the room who had been affected by what I had done!”


“I’m proud of myself for actually doing this!”


“The realisation that this is not something that I am just talking about or hoping for – I’m actually doing it!”

Our next Surrogates Retreat

We aim to host our surrogate retreats in person, but have also been able to do them online – which has helped to keep our community connected during COVID-19. Brilliant Beginnings hosts regular retreats throughout the year, whenever we can get our surrogates together in-person or online, as well as hosting coffee morning meet-ups around the UK.

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