Getting to know us: Laura Clarke – client manager and nurse

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We thought it would be nice to share a bit more about the Brilliant Beginnings team, offering some insight into what we do for a living and in life!

Getting to know Laura Clarke

First and foremost I am a mum to two incredible young ladies, I say that as they are now 10 and 14 so most definitely classed as ladies these days! I am a single mum and the man in my life right now is my chocolate brown standard poodle called Buddy ☺ He gives the best cuddles!

I found rugby about 4 years ago, so I joined my local ladies’ team and this is now something I love being involved with. My ageing body might not appreciate it too much, but I’m a tryer (excuse the pun)!  I love the community about it, and the fact my whole family can enjoy the surroundings of the club atmosphere. My 10 year old daughter has also just started playing for the girls’ team, so it’s a great motivator.

Aside from being a mum and working full time (like that isn’t enough!) I’ve also managed to successfully complete 3 journeys as a surrogate myself, delivering a boy in 2014, his brother in 2016, and twin girls just 3 months ago in June 2020, for my second set of intended parents. It’s something I am incredibly proud of, and the experience it brings to my daily work with surrogates and intended parents is invaluable.

My background as a nurse also gives me a great insight in to the clinical aspects of surrogacy, and allows me to have a good overview of the fertility treatment cycles our surrogates go through, along with understanding the health problems which may have played a role in parents requiring a surrogate in order to start or complete their family. In my role as client manager, being a nurse also allows me to be a point of call for colleagues and clients if any questions come up.

I am always learning new things at Brilliant Beginnings, and I love being able to meet wonderful people from all walks of life who have a shared view of creating wonderful happy families!

By Laura Clarke, Client Manager and Brilliant Surrogate

Laura Clarke


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