Brilliant baby boy!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of our first Brilliant Beginnings Baby, little Rupert who was born on 1st April 2015 weighing a healthy 7.7lbs! Rupert’s dads Michael and Jerome were present at the birth with their surrogate Anna and her partner Daniel.

When Michael and Jerome started their surrogacy journey, they knew they wanted to find a UK based surrogate who was warm and friendly, and would be open to building a strong friendship with them throughout the pregnancy and beyond. In the late autumn 2013 we met Anna Daniel and had a strong feeling straight away that they would all get along like a house on fire. Michael and Jerome, and Anna and her partner Daniel met for the first time in January 2014 on a windy day at a beachside restaurant and their relationship flourished.  From there, everyone collaborated through a careful process of discussions, guided by Brilliant Beginnings’ professional expertise, discussing potential issues that might arise, and things that were important to think through and agree before they went ahead making sure they were all ready and fully prepared.  Critical to any surrogacy is a solid relationship based on trust and honesty.  Within a few months, after counselling and starting treatment in London and embryo transfer Anna was pregnant. 

Michael and Jerome attended all scans and anti natal appointments with Anna, solidifying their already strong bond. Amid a flurry of anticipation and excitement Rupert came into the world at 1am on 1st April.  Anna could not have been more amazing and delivered in a phenomenally quick 3 hours.  She continues to amaze us all as she is now slipping back into her pre-pregnancy jeans!  

Jerome says “I have to say that Michael and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us and our family. It is truly the most amazing thing ever to happen to us. We have never been happier despite sleep deprivation. We will never be able to thank you enough for helping to make our dreams come true. The work you guys do at Brilliant Beginnings and Natalie Gamble Associates is truly life changing and everyone at the office made that journey so smooth for us, every step of the way. We still can’t quite believe that this has happened. Magical! For a long time I never thought I would ever have children.”

We are all just so proud and privileged to have been part of Michael, Jerome Anna and Daniel’s journey. Choosing the route of surrogacy is not taken lightly by most intended parents. It can be daunting and at times complex, but it is our belief that with the right support, surrogacy can be managed legally, ethically and responsibly, with all those involved feeling rightly proud of the family they are creating.