Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law is seeking focus group participants

Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law is a new project that is actively seeking participants for its focus groups and a conference panel, and art submissions for a project on surrogacy.

We are always keen to promote research into the realities of surrogacy experience for parents, surrogates and most importantly children. We know how important this is in informing policy and practice, whether at hospitals or in terms of law reform, and would encourage those of you reading this who are part of our broad surrogacy community to get involved if you can. 

The project is aiming to hear the voices of as many children and young people on surrogacy, in line with calls to reform current surrogacy law. 

They are looking for participants who are either children who were either born through surrogacy or children whose parent acted as a surrogate. 

Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law project details

Focus Groups (8 years to 18 years)

These will take place on Saturday 16 July at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, in London. The focus groups will be 90 minutes long, with slots available between 10:00-17:30.

Children and young people will be in small groups of 5-8 with others within a 2-3 year age range.

Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law can cover the costs of travel and accommodation if required, and lunch will be provided. Additionally, as a token of appreciation, they will be offering £20 Amazon vouchers for participants to thank them for their time. 

They are also planning a focus group in Leicester in July. 

Conference Panel: (16-18 years)

Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law will host a “Young Person’s Panel” at a conference in London on 30 November 2022. Young people can be on a conference panel and give their views about surrogacy law reform in front of an audience of researchers and lawyers.

Digital Art Wall: (children of any age)

Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law are looking for artistic submissions for our “Digital Art Wall”. These can be paintings, drawings, digital media etc. The theme is: What does surrogacy mean to me?

Find out more

For more information, see their website: or contact:

Children’s Voices in Surrogacy Law is a jointly organised project by:

  • Dr Katherine Wade (University of Leicester), 
  • Dr Kirsty Horsey (London Women’s Clinic) 
  • Ms Zaina Mahmoud (London Women’s Clinic) 

It is funded by the Institute of Medical Ethics, Research England and the Society of Legal Scholars.

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