Pink News on the biggest wins for LGBT+ rights and the battles yet to be won

Pink News has, for the new year, published a feature about all the progress we have made on LGBT+ rights over the past decade (including equal marriage, the Turing law and LGBT-inclusive education) and highlighted the fights we still need to win.  Listed in the top 5 is surrogacy law reform, something we and our sister organisation NGA Law have campaigned for passionately.

Pink News says: “For gay men, the route to parenthood is fraught with complications.  While same-sex couples are able to adopt, the laws around surrogacy are somewhat more complicated.  Commercial surrogates – a popular option in the US – is illegal in the UK. Altruistic surrogacy is permitted, but the birth mother remains the child’s legal parent until the court grants a parental order, a process which can take months.  NGA Law, which has campaigned for surrogacy reform since 2007, wants the law to change so that intended parents are the child’s legal parents from birth, along with clarification that surrogates can be financially compensated.”

You can read the full article here: