Surrogacy information session, Southampton, July 10 2014

Becoming a surrogate – free information session

Surrogacy agency Brilliant Beginnings is hosting a free information session for surrogates and their partners at the Novotel Southampton on July 10that 10.30am. 

 Surrogacy is where a woman carries a baby for hopeful parents who are not able to carry the pregnancy themselves.  They might be couples who have had cancer or years of unsuccessful fertility treatment or gay couples who always knew they would need help.  Surrogates are amazing women who love being pregnant and want to help someone else to have a family too, usually after having completed their own family.  Many women think about becoming a surrogate, but it can be a real maze working out how to meet the right would-be parents and how to avoid complications. 

Brilliant Beginnings and the Wessex Fertility Clinic are holding an information session for potential surrogates and their partners who want to find out more about surrogacy. Brilliant Beginnings, based near Ringwood, is a leading non-profit surrogacy agency which works with couples and their surrogates to help plan and steady their surrogacy arrangements, including help with treatment, practicalities, legal issues and the money side.  The Wessex Fertility Clinic, based at the Freya Centre in Southampton, is a specialist fertility and IVF clinic with extensive experience of fertility treatment for surrogacy.  The session will cover what the treatment will be like, the law for surrogates, the risks, how surrogates get reimbursed and how surrogates are matched with intended parents. 

Information session details:

Date and time   Thursday July 10th 10.30

Place                 Novotel, Southampton, 1 W Quay Rd, Southampton, SO15 1RA

Registration       Tel – 020 7050 6875

                           Email –