Progress Educational Trust event on surrogacy, expenses and parenthood, April 2019

The Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law team really enjoyed attending the PET debate last night ‘How can we make surrogacy law deliver?’. On the panel were Nick Hopkins (English Law Commission), Dr Kirsty Horsey (Kent University), Elizabeth Isaacs QC (St Ives Chambers) and Sarah Jones(Surrogacy UK). All talked compellingly about the need for modernised UK surrogacy law with broad consensus that the law should find recognise surrogacy upfront and enable intended parents to be recorded on a child’s birth certificate from the start. How exactly we get to that end point, and how we manage safeguards for all involved and regulate expenses/compensation, still needs exploration.

The Law Commission will (barring an unexpected general election) launch their public consultation in June with a view to making recommendations about how the law should change in 2021. We will keep our blog updated with news, updates and any other events we’re plainning on attending/hosting. So keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, Natalie, Helen, Stephen and Safiya had a great evening talking about the surrogacy law issues we care about passionately.

A big thank you to the Progress Educational Trust for raising awareness and hosting such a great event.