The Brilliant Beginnings surrogates’ retreat 2018

Enabling  surrogacy in the UK is at the core of what we do at Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law and in doing that we also work alongside professional organisations in the US and Canada. We have links with some fantastic surrogacy agencies and one of the Canadian agencies has offered to organise a retreat exclusively for BB surrogates both current and previous, and for women who are keenly looking into becoming a surrogate with our help. In the Us there are over 4000 surrogacies happening every year and in Canada over a 1000.  Surrogates are supported and honoured so that their journey to helping create families is rewarding and ethical.  The retreat will focus on surrogacy in a positive and uplifting environment, where everyone can share their stories to support and get to know each other a little better and we hope will be the start of something wonderful for all surrogates.   


Surrogates around the UK are giving so much of their time, energy and care and this is something that we want to give back to them.