The Telegraph reports on the risks of unsupported UK surrogacy

The Telegraph has covered a sad story of a UK surrogate who was left feeling traumatised after an independent surrogacy journey in which she did not feel well supported. Quoting us, Kate Graham said:

“Surrogacy works incredibly well in the majority of cases.  But it’s a long and emotional process’, says Natalie Gamble, co-owner of Brilliant Beginnings, a non-profit surrogacy agency. ‘Right now, UK law disincentivises setting things up in the best way.  It means that surrogacy arrangements are unenforceable and unrecognised, and makes it a criminal offence for lawyers to negotiate terms for either surrogates or intended parents.

“The Law Commissions of England and Wales and Scotland recently published recommendations for change, and the public consultation on them closed last year.  We have to wait until 2021 for the Law Commisison to make its final recommendations, and send a draft bill to the Government.  In the meantime, it’s vital for both surrogates and intended parents to take their time and explore all the implications.

“Discuss financial arrangements, how you might feel about test results, or even a termination in a worst-case scenario.  You want to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of how you would approach such a difficult decision.

“Working with a non-profit surrogacy organisation is a good way to ensure access to support throughout the journey.  Be clear what your expectations are for each other throughout the process. For example, how much involvement will parents have in the pregnancy and scans? What will happen at the birth? If there is a breakdown in communication, it may be around those expectations not having been fulfilled.  Take your time to have these conversations, before you all get carried away with conceiving a baby.”

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