UK surrogacy conference 8-9 March, have you booked your place yet?

Families Thru Surrogacy is a UK surrogacy conference coming to Windsor, near London, on 8-9 March 2014. 

The impressive two day programme is a new event for the UK, organised by a non-profit  team with experience running surrogacy conferences elsewhere in the world.  The weekend programme includes workshops with top UK legal experts, world-renowned researchers, counsellors/psychologists, support organisations, parents through surrogacy, surrogate mothers and surrogate-born people who are now young adults.

If you are considering surrogacy (as a parent or a surrogate), the conference offers a rare opportunity to meet all the key experts in the field in one place, and to mix with people who have been there and done it already.  Helen and Natalie are keynote speakers, with Helen giving practical guidance on UK and overseas surrogacy, and Natalie talking about how to navigate the UK legal issues, and we would love to see you there.

The aim of the conference is to educate, inform, raise awareness and support families.  These are our goals, which is why Brilliant Beginnings is proud to be a lead sponsor for the event. 

The conference costs £90 per person and you can book your place and find out more here: