Welcome to the Team: Tracey – Surrogate Manager

From Brilliant Surrogate to Brilliant Beginnings team member

Brilliant Beginnings welcomes Tracey to the team. We are really excited to have Tracey join us as a surrogate manager. Tracey brings a wealth of experience from her previous work, but also as a Brilliant Surrogate and egg donor.

We asked Tracey why she chose to be a surrogate at Brilliant Beginnings. Here is what she told us.

Why BB?

I originally found Brilliant Beginnings in 2015 when I applied as a surrogate myself. 

The way BB match surrogates

If I had been asked at the beginning of my first journey why I chose Brilliant Beginnings over the other two surrogacy agencies available in the UK, my default answer would have always been because of the unique way they match their intended parents to surrogates. The detail and time spent over this fundamental step of the journey has been proven worthwhile. The ongoing relationship I have with my intended parents is testimony to this.

The way BB support and guide at every step

Having gone through two surrogate journeys with Brilliant Beginnings and being asked the same question, I would also say that it is the way the BB team guide you through each step of your journey. This didn’t seem as important as how they were going to match us in the early stages but having the support of the BB team on hand throughout was invaluable for me. It meant that each stage progressed seamlessly into the next step. They were quick to clarify any questions I had, offer advice as and when needed and they were there on hand to support me when I had to share unsuccessful news with my IPs.

The way BB looked after me when things went wrong

My first journey sadly didn’t result in a pregnancy which was hard to deal with at the time. For me this was when BB helped me the most. I couldn’t help but feel guilty that treatment hadn’t been successful and just needed some reassurance that it wasn’t my fault before regrouping and talking about where we went from there. On the flip side I will always remember the call with BB when things had worked, with my second couple, they shared in the excitement of the news. 

Working at BB

I have experienced first-hand how BB support surrogates and manage each part of the journey. Having my own daughters I am very lucky to know what it is to be a parent, and to be able to have helped another couple experience that too, means so much to me. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done for someone else. I love talking about surrogacy in general and answering any questions people have when they come up in conversation and when speaking about my experiences at events. 

Having the opportunity to work with Brilliant Beginnings, lets me have the chance to help new surrogates as well as raising awareness of the need for more ladies that would like to help make new families. I look forward to being able to offer advice from my own egg donation and surrogacy experience and I am very happy to chat over any questions you might have.

For more information on being a surrogate, you can join our Facebook group – Support and information for surrogates

You can contact Tracey directly by email: tracey@brilliantbeginnings.co.uk, or the BB team via our contact formby email or by phone to discuss becoming a surrogate.