Surrogacy for different-sex parents

Brilliant Beginnings works with a wide range of different-sex couples building their families through surrogacy who are either living in the UK or are British based overseas. Many have experienced difficult journeys already, and are looking for a hope and a way forward.

Is surrogacy the right way forward for us?


This is a very personal question. You might be considering whether to continue trying to get pregnant or to move on if you have had unsuccessful fertility treatment or suffered miscarriages/ stillbirths. You might be considering surrogacy alongside other alternative family-building paths, such as adoption.  It is important to take the time you need, and to access the right information and support, to make a clear and settled decision.


How does surrogacy work for straight couples?


Some parents are able to transfer an embryo created with their egg and sperm to a gestational surrogate.

Many others need the help of an egg donor (or sperm donor), in which case both gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy are options.  In gestational surrogacy, you would create an embryo at a fertility clinic with eggs from a separate donor and then transfer it to your surrogate so that she carries a baby she is not genetically related to.  In traditional surrogacy, you would conceive using the surrogate’s own eggs, which you could either do through fertility treatment at a clinic or through artificial insemination with sperm from the intended parents.


Should we stay in the UK or go overseas for surrogacy?


This is one of the most important early questions to explore, although do bear in mind that if you are considering traditional surrogacy this is generally only available in the UK.  About half the UK parents who conceive through surrogacy do so in the UK and the others go overseas (most commonly to the USA).  The right decision for you will depend on your timescale, budget, attitude to risk and the kind of surrogacy journey you are hoping for.


How will my child and others feel about surrogacy?


Research into the long term outcomes of surrogacy shows that children do well, particularly where there is openness about how they came into the world.  You may also need to navigate talking to friends and family about surrogacy.  


Where do we start?


Surrogacy is a big decision, and something you need to feel prepared for.  Browse our Knowledge Centre or contact us to arrange a personal Surrogacy Consultation.

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