Laura and Helen spoke with Metro about the realities of UK surrogacy for surrogates

The Metro spoke with three surrogates, Rosie, Amy and Laura to discuss the realities of being a surrogate in the UK. They shared their individual experiences, the joys of being a surrogate, and explained why some of the assumptions made about the women who choose to become surrogates are simply not true.

Amy, a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings, shared what inspired her to become a surrogate and what myths she came up against on her journey. Laura, a Client Manager at Brilliant Beginnings, honestly shared the ups and downs of surrogacy journeys, and how that impacts everyone involved, from the surrogate themselves to their families, to the intended parents. She also explains why she chose to have a more supported journey as a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings.

Helen, co-founder of Brilliant Beginnings, also fact-checks how surrogacy works in the UK, busting some of the common myths, such as if a surrogate can keep the baby to how UK law affects parental responsibility in the current system.

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